Woodbridge School Art

Creative Art

For pupils looking to flex their creative muscles beyond the classroom there are a number of clubs and activities available in the creative field;

Jewellery Club

Design your own personalised jewellery. Turn 2D vector graphics into real product by laser-cutting and engraving both acrylic and wood, achieving original and creative results. Available to pupils in years 7-9.

Art Club

Pupils from all year groups have the opportunity to take advantage of the materials and teacher guidance to pursue independent lines of creativity. Often pupils tend to work on their own projects, gaining valuable skills and experience of creating art work, free from the taught curriculum; or they may simply apply themselves to their on-going classwork.

Design Clinic

An opportunity for GCSE and A Level students to consolidate project work, catch up with anything outstanding or build upon knowledge and skills in all areas of design. Available to pupils in years 10-13.


Some people love drawing, others find it difficult. This is an opportunity to explore different styles of observational drawing and a chance to practise a variety of techniques and change your perception of what the purpose of drawing is. Available to pupils in years 7-9.

Camera Club

A chance for photography enthusiasts to get together and share techniques, ideas and best practise as well as an opportunity to take and process photographs using Adobe Photoshop. No experience necessary- just bring a camera and some ideas! Available to pupils in years 7-9.

iPad MFL creative video making

This activity involves scripting, directing and shooting short films in Spanish using puppets and props. Projects could range between current affairs, stories, getting by in Spanish, grammar broadcasts etc. Work can then be published using a YouTube channel or Clickview. Using the MFL Twitter account, links can be broadcast on to a real audience. Available to all pupils who study Spanish.

Student Magazine

If you’re interested in editorial writing or a career in design and photography then come and be part of the Woodbridge School magazine. The magazine will be entirely created by students for students so a commitment from you is essential to this being a success. An editorial team will be carefully selected comprising of editors, photographers and designers. Available to pupils in years 10-13.