Woodbridge School


For over four centuries Woodbridge School has been at the heart of the local community, and beyond.

Town and School enjoy a strong, beneficial, symbiotic relationship and the School is pleased and proud of the many ways in which it integrates with the local community and contributes to it. Looking after those around us is part of the DNA of Woodbridge parents, staff and pupils alike and our commitment to being a community in which the quality of relationships is given a high priority, and in which pupils, parents and staff work together for the benefit of each other and the wider world is one of our key aims.

Sport Leaders regularly visit nurseries and primary schools as part of the Sport Leadership Programme. Pupils also regularly visit the Seckford Almshouses and other local care homes, particularly The Abbey pupils who enjoy singing to the residents, especially at Christmas. Most recently Abbey pupils have visited the Almshouses to teach the residents about the importance of mindfulness in day to day life.

The School regularly helps the community with individual and charitable fundraising efforts, including an annual bike ride from London to raise funds for the remarkable The Bridge School in London, a school for children with profound learning difficulties. Over the 20 years of the Bike Ride, the School has raised in excess of £200,000 for this very special charity.