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Enterprise Day 2022

1 Jul 22

With a view to preparing them for a modern working life, armed with the skills they will need to flourish in a continually evolving workplace, this year’s Enterprise Day was dedicated to Year 9 students.  


Ms Carretta, Assistant Head Academic 

The Enterprise Day was dedicated to Year 9 Students with a view to prepare them for a modern working life with the skills they will need to flourish in a continually evolving workplace.  The whole year group took part and competed in teams of six or seven to win the ‘investment’ with their newly designed biscuit product.   

The day took the format of the famous Dragons’ Den TV programme, with our very own ‘Dragon’ Annie Debrick, successful local entrepreneur who began her business importing and selling fair-trade items alongside supporting small businesses across the globe to ensure they were traded with fairly.  Having run market stalls, including at the famous Borough Market in London, Annie has run shops in Brixton, Camden and Ipswich. 

The task was to devise a new biscuit with a unique selling point (USP) which could be exported to Italy and Spain.   

The teams of six/seven identified their skills and split themselves into different roles accordingly including: project manager, human resources, finance director; attending a number of different workshops to learn more about their role, responsibilities – and to understand the world of enterprise much more.  From these learnings, teams worked hard to invent, create and produce a product that they could then present to the ‘Dragon’.   

Competition was fierce, and so was commitment, but it was Sigma Snacks that were chosen as the winning team, particularly for their creative packaging and presentation.  Sigma Snacks (Group 11) comprised of Johannes, Fergus, Matilda, Rose, Gabriella and Ethan, who proudly celebrated their win. 

Well done to everyone who took part, and a huge thank you to our ‘Dragon’, Annie Debrick. 

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