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End of Year Art and Design Shows

5 Jul 18

Good heavens – oh to be imaginative and creative!  And to have the opportunity to express that in an environment which encourages experimentation, vitality, a lack of any sense of boundary, and yet the highest of standards.  Welcome to the Art and the Design departments of Woodbridge School!

A couple of weeks back I was overawed by the Art department’s examination exhibition, and this week it was the turn of design (both graphic and 3-D) to surprise and inspire.  For the examiner (and to an extent, therefore, the artist) the journey towards the final work is almost more important than the work itself – research, development, prototype, reworking, more research… the patient cycle towards excellence.  For the audience the initial impression is forged by the endpoint, and the journey is then taken backwards to the start via the portfolios placed alongside, and so lovingly wrought.  It’s a fascinating reversal of the artist’s own route.  It’s a journey well worth taking.  Understanding the outcome is all the more exciting once the trials and tribulations of creation are better understood.

It’s too late for you now – for if you didn’t have the chance to visit, I am afraid I must break the news that the works have been taken down… but do enjoy the photographs as a window onto things wonderful and extraordinary.  And there’s always next year: I sense these two departments will give you an abundance of opportunities in the months and years to come to wonder at what can be achieved by unfettered imagination.

These were brilliant exhibitions – many congratulations to artists and teachers alike!

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