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Drama Musical Fest

6 Oct 23

Drama students travelled to London last week, for a musical fest of Cabaret and Guys and Dolls. We have reports from two of our drama scholars, Rose and James from Year 12, sharing their thoughts and experiences of the trip and the shows.

Cabaret – Kit Kat Club
Review from Year 12’s James

Our first show, Cabaret, was an absolutely stunning experience, shocking but absorbing. Cabaret is a musical about two couples’ romantic adventures in Berlin, and the impact that the rising Nazi party has on their relationships. As we entered the Kit Kat Club, the reality of London was banished behind, magically transformed into a club with live music, dancing on top of bars, and an anticipatory buzz that thrummed throughout the venue. The show might seem light-hearted at first, yet the darker undertones grow throughout, as the Nazi party gain power, and the audience’s laughs die down, replaced by nervous fidgeting. The stripped back nature of the show just allows the humanity to seep through; it’s truly inspirational work to watch. As we exited back into the London sun, we were speechless, utterly awestruck. The fact that a 14-piece orchestra and 10 cast members can ignite such a soul-stirring reaction in an audience is incredible.

Guys and Dolls – Bridge Theatre
Review from Year 12’s Rose

One of Broadway’s most famous musicals, Guys and Dolls, a witty tale of gamblers and good-for-nothing rogues tamed by women too good for them, has been revived into a flawless immersive production by Nicholas Hytner. Guys and Dolls is a perfect juxtaposition of slyness and sweetness, following Sky Masterson and his attempt to woo the tight-laced missionary, Sarah Brown, to win a bet against local Crap game runner, Nathan Detroit. The impeccably choreographed rising and falling platforms, were slap bang in the middle of the standing audience, bringing us right up close to the action. This, however, would not have been possible without the team of stage managers who deftly manoeuvred the audience around, all dressed as NYC cops. The vibrancy of New York was not only brought to life by the set, but also the eclectic range of characters we met along the way. Sleek and professional, each of the actors gave an exceptional performance, showcasing their phenomenal dance and vocal talents. From the beautiful romantic ballad of “I’ll know, I’ve never been in love before,” to the pristine gospel vibrato of “Sit down, you’re rocking the boat,” I watched enraptured. Even after the actors had given their final bows, we continued to dance into the night (until we had to leave for our train!) Never had I envisioned when going to London that I would end up being transported to 1950’s Manhattan for the party of the year!

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