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12 Sep 19

We’re getting a bit of a reputation at the Fringe. There again with performances as beguiling as we have put on, no wonder.  And this year’s performance was outrageously good. 

Fresh from a series of spectacular triumphs in Edinburgh (great audiences – perhaps the best part of 400 seeing the show over the week – and standing ovations), our players came home for a grand reprise… 
A little background, if I may: Délicieux is original – written by our own Mr Williams, adapted from the book Like Water for Chocolate; staged, choreographed and developed by Miss Mayes, Mr Williams, Kathryn Clements, and the sixth formers together… from scratch.  From a script.  In ten days.  I know – it is frankly astonishing.

A little confession, if I may: I shed a tear at the end.  Was it the babies, was it the tango, was it the deaths and the tragedies; was it the happy resolution against all the odds?  It was all of those things.  I was swept along in the rush of emotions; I was entranced by the tiniest of movements, the stolen glances, the little characterisations all so beautifully cast towards us, understated yet all the more powerful for it.  And then there was the music, the singing, the dancing – the dancing!  

Manon, ah Manon – triumph over tradition, love conquers all… but only just!

A wonderful, wonderful show.  Thank you cast and crew.  To offer congratulations seems so insufficient.

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