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Creative Excellence Award launched in School 

26 Nov 21

This year’s Creative Excellence Award was launched in School this week, having been held back for the past two years due to Covid restrictions. Year 8 students have the opportunity to showcase their creative ability by producing designs which will culminate in an exhibition and students have the chance to win the School’s prestigious Creative Excellence Award which will be presented on Speech Day later next year. 

The word or theme is ‘#Transform’.  All participants have received the same word, which relates to the theme upon which their entry should be based.   

Students are encouraged to work independently to produce a creative, innovative and personal response or design, and interpretation can include: materials being changed or modified, something being deconstructed, assembled or disassembled, scale, shape or texture.  Creations can be based on either a human point of view, emotional, physical or spiritual transformation, or a scientific, evolutionary, chemical or biological transformation. 

Any medium can be used to express their creativity, including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, photography, printing, woodwork, metal work, graphic design, illustration, paper engineering, animation or ceramics.

All entries must be submitted the week before the End of Year Art and Design Exhibition, after which the winner will be picked by the judges.   

As this is the first time in two years that the competition has been able to be held we anticipate and expect some extraordinary creativity from those taking part! 

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