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Colchester Castle Visit

Colchester Castle Visit

2 Oct 15

In History Year 4 learned about the Romans and so early on in the Michaelmas term they enjoyed a visit to Colchester Castle. During their visit they heard the story of Colchester, learnt about some of the roman artefacts discovered, enthusiastically dressed-up and built model houses.

Jonjo Walker 4J
The Roman temple of Claudius was built around 55-60AD. The Romans made the Celts build the temple and pay high taxes to pay for it. Boudicca, head of the Celts, burnt the temple and Colchester as a revolt.

Marina Pommier 4J
In the doctor’s grave I saw an old pair of tweezers exactly like ours right now. There were objects I have never seen before. We can tell that they had doctors and what medical instruments they had in Roman times. We also saw the board game. It looked like he was in the middle of a game because the pieces were in different places than the starting places. It was so well preserved it looked like it was just made!

Isabel Deacon 4J
For the house building activity we built a Roundhouse and a Roman villa. It was fun because we had to work together and it was quite hard because some of the blocks were longer than others and we sometimes put them in the wrong places!

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