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Meet: Andrea

Living and learning at Woodbridge School

In total contrast to education in France, Woodbridge has meant I can participate in a number of clubs, sports and events that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to.

With the focus in France simply being academic, boarding in the UK not only gives me the chance to improve my English but to enjoy the other elements of school. There’s also no PE teacher in school in France, which is something I really enjoy, so much so that I’ve recently been selected for Northampton Saints Rugby, something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to participate in ordinarily. I also really like having a fixed timetable as this is something else we don’t have in French schools.

I enjoy the regularity and responsibility of sticking to a schedule and managing myself around those timings – it’s taught me a lot of self-discipline and is really helping my confidence.

For me the independence and freedom of boarding is one of the biggest parts of loving boarding life; not living with my parents, being responsible for myself and making my own choices is something I know most of the other boarders enjoy too. We do have set times for working, together and independently, but we also have access to all the support we need – with everything.

Living in School House is great, it’s really family orientated and there’s always someone around and something to do.

I share a dorm with two other boys from my Year, both from overseas so we can help each other with our English when we need to and we understand what it’s like to be away from home.

The school grounds are beautiful, but we also go out to different places most weekends, can have friends over and experience so many things I think I would have missed out on had I stayed in France – my rugby particularly. My favourite thing about the house has to be the breakfast – I absolutely love the bacon, and croissants of course!

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