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Athletics: Excellent Results from the Season’s First Event

3 May 17

Six schools took part in the first athletics meet this season at RHS on Saturday: Gresham’s, Ipswich High, Ipswich School, Framlingham Prep, RHS and Woodbridge. Open to girls’ teams of U12, U13 U14 and U15, lots of pupils took part with roughly 12 competitors or more per event. This year the organisers were concentrating on getting as many involved as possible, giving them an opportunity to post times and distances for the season, and in true Woodbridge fashion our girls happily stepped in to do extra events to cover for some late and unavoidable absences.

The girls showed dominance on the middle distance track 800m with Sarah Barker 1st and Amy Graham 2nd in U15 team, Bea Thomas 1st and Amy Goddard 2nd in the U12 team, and Emily Whyte 3rd at U13.  The throwing events were equally successful: in javelin U12 Katie Norman came 1st and Tess Walker 3rd, U13 Olivia Buchanan 1st  Emily Whyte 2nd, U14 Nell Pilkington 1st, U15 Amy Graham 1st and Freya Nyberg throwing well. In discus Ella Smith1st  Olivia Brown 3rd, U13 Lakisha Charema 3rd  and Jess Elmer 4th, U14 Annabel Yates 1st Saffron Holliday 3rd, U15 Cristine Lui 1st  Joanne Garnett 2nd. Special mention to Cristine whose success followed from just one training session with Mr Graham! In shot U14 Nell Pilkington was 2nd with 9m to the winning throw of 9.03m! In the U15 team event Maud Peel came 1st  and Joanne Garnett was 2nd. Meanwhile Ella Walker finished off her very successful day as part of the winning U13 relay A team (Emily Whyte, Katie Bellhouse and Eleanor Wright) having already won High Jump and 200m.

Apologies to anyone not mentioned who did well; a full set of results will follow from RHS. Thank you to all the parents who brought the girls to school on the Bank holiday weekend and those out supporting at RHS. A big thank you to Mr Goddard and Mr Graham for their presence and training, and to Mrs Pilkington and Miss Sanders for their leadership on the day. Most importantly thank you girls and well done!

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