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Art Transcends Experience: 2019 Dance Show

31 Jan 19

When art transcends experience it is at its best.

Just dance; no words, save for lyrics.

And yet every time a story told more powerfully for the singularity of medium.  We experienced the dance, but we lived the emotions,  expressed through a floating hand, a glance, a turn or roll, a coming together or a parting.  All eyes on the stage; no time for reflection or idle meandering of mind or thought.  This was an evening of pure energy and exuberance channelled through stunningly imaginative choreography and intensely graceful action.

Mrs Simpson reflected on the commitment and passion of the dancers, and alluded to the relative inexperience of some.  Who would have known?  Such poise, from the first dance to the last; such confidence to seek out the audience and connect through eye and body.

Matthew Bourne’s choreography tells stories through dance with breathtaking and often heart-wrenching clarity – if you are ever offered the chance to see one of his ballets, take it: and I found myself just as beguiled tonight in our dance show.  Mesmerising, captivating and truly lyrical; many, many congratulations to all twenty-five dancers and choreographers, to the backstage crew, and to the impresario Mrs Simpson.


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