Woodbridge School

How to Apply

The first step for any child of any age is to complete the application form.

The application form is available for download here.

When we consider applications for new pupils to join our school, we’re interested in much more than just academic, sports or art skills. We want to make certain that Woodbridge is the right learning environment for every individual who applies. It gives us great pleasure to watch talented new pupils develop and excel. It gives us just as much pleasure to nurture individuals who will not necessarily reach the top but will achieve great things within their own terms and ambitions.

Our entrance assessments are not designed to be ‘exclusive’. We try hard to style them as an excellent way to learn far more about every boy and girl who would like to join us.

To register you must return the completed application form together the register fee by the following deadline.
Monday 26 October 2020 for 16+ (Year 12)
Wednesday 4 November 2020 for 11+ and 13+ (Year 7 and Year 9)

Prep Entrance Assessments are a two day taster with a Maths and English assessment by appointment.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form candidates will be contacted individually for interviews and assessments which will take place during November and December 2020 for September 2021 entry.

Our Admissions Team is more than happy to discuss any prior questions you may have. The contact details for our Admissions Team can be found at the bottom of this page.

Senior School

Miss Abi Southworth (Admissions Registrar)

Telephone:01394 615041

Email to admissions@woodbridgeschool.org.uk

Woodbridge School Prep Admissions

Mrs Karen Virr – PA to the Head of Woodbridge School Prep

Telephone:01394 382673

Email to prepheadpa@woodbridgeschool.org.uk