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A Comedy of Errors – Shakespeare on the Lawn was Never Better

5 Jul 18

The ‘errors’ were all written into the script (quite deliberately of course; this is, after all, Shakespeare) – for there were none delivered by the cast.  What a show! Slick, snappy, scintillating! And such fun for audience and players alike, methinks. Dromio, oh Dromio, which one was thou, Dromio?  Not to mention Antipholus… though I should… twice.  Yes, it was all wonderfully confusing, but the turmoil unravelled so silkily that even an old man such as myself, all wrapped up in winter woollies (there’s no such thing as a chillier than expected evening, only inappropriate clothing), kept apace with the plot.  The wise Duke, the unfortunate captain-father-husband, the sons and brothers, the wife and sister, the maids, courtesan, goldsmith, merchants, doctor, abbess, officer, jailer and messenger, the locals and the not-so-locals: they came and went with breathtaking certainty, around the trees, in and out the doors, up and down the scaffold, all in search of a solution to the mysterious goings on.  Was someone to die, was another to be defrauded or imprisoned, was a wife to be deserted?  So many questions… so much to go wrong.  But in the end, think but this… it will be alright on the night… and all was mended!  Families reunited, and friendships regained.  What a lovely, happy, joyous way to herald a holiday!

Many, many congratulations to cast, crew and directors on an absolute triumph.  Shakespeare on the Chapel Lawn was never better!

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