‘Torch to Tokyo’ Logo Competition

Well done to everyone who took part in our recent ‘Torch to Tokyo’ logo competition.

We received some amazing entries and there was so much creativity involved, as is shown here!

Far left, clockwise from left: impressive entries from Bee, Scarlet, Martha and Oliver.

Far right, clockwise: tremendous efforts from Georgie, Harper, Millie, Eloise and Alex.

And, just as it is in the Olympics, the 1-2-3 has been decided…

Year 7: 🥇Eloise, 🥈Alex, 🥉Millie

Year 8: 🥇 Harper, 🥈Scarlet, 🥉 Martha

Year 9: 🥇 Bee, 🥈 Georgie, 🥉Ollie