Trip Down Memory Lane at 50-Year School Reunion in Woodbridge

Posted on: April, 26th Apr 2019

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80 former Woodbridge
School pupils have stepped back in time for a special reunion at the school,
after leaving more than 50 years ago. The alumni pupils, known as Old
Woodbridgians, travelled far and wide to return to their secondary school for
the memorable event, including 83-year-old Major Nigel Lewis OBE who arrived in
style on a

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Fantastic LAMDA Results

Posted on: April, 24th Apr 2019

In Category: Senior School News, Sixth Form News, Woodbridgian Weekly

Many, many congratulations to our cohort of nearly 50 candidates
in last term’s LAMDA exams.  Between them they secured a stunning 34
distinctions and 12 merits further to burnish the Woodbridge School tradition
of fantastic public performance in all its guises!

Grade 1

  • Caitlyn: Musical Theatre (Distinction)
  • Poppy: Musical Theatre (Distinction)
  • Phoebe: Acting (Distinction)
  • Alexander: Acting (Distinction)

Grade 2

  • Mae: Acting (Distinction)
  • Lala: Acting (Distinction)
  • Nancy: Acting (Distinction)

Grade 3

  • Eloise: Acting (Distinction)
  • Oliver: Acting (Distinction)
  • James: Acting (Distinction)
  • Isobel: Acting (Distinction)
  • Esme: Acting (Distinction)
  • Charlotte: Acting (Distinction)
  • Maggie: Acting (Merit)
  • Chloe: Acting (Merit)
  • Rose: Acting (Merit)

Grade 4

  • Alice: Acting (Distinction)
  • Amelie (Distinction)
  • Isla: Acting (Distinction)
  • Madeleine: Acting (Distinction)
  • Evelyn: Acting (Distinction)

Grade 5

  • Phoebe: Verse and Prose (Distinction)
  • Etaine: Verse and Prose (Distinction)
  • Ruben: Acting (Distinction)
  • Lakisha: Acting (Merit)

Grade 6

  • Amber: Acting (Distinction)
  • Hope: Acting (Distinction)
  • Amelia: Acting (Distinction)
  • Petronella: Acting (Merit)
  • Tom: Acting (Merit)
  • Sophie: Speaking in public (Merit)
  • Felix: Speaking in Public (Merit)
  • Alexander: Acting (Merit)
  • Oliver: Verse and Prose (Distinction)
  • Ella: Acting (Distinction)
  • Emily: Acting (Distinction)
  • Beatrice: Acting (Distinction)
  • Tom: Acting (Distinction)
  • Lily: Acting (Distinction)
  • Arthur: Acting (Distinction)
  • Alfie: Acting (Distinction)
  • Thomas: Speaking In Public (Merit)

Grade 7

  • Toby: Acting

Grade 8

  • Daniella: Acting (Merit)
  • Madelaine: Acting (Merit)
  • Sam: Acting (Distinction)
  • Isabelle: Acting (Distinction)
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