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The Friends of Woodbridge School Facebook Page can be found here. Please “like” and also “subscribe” to the page for the latest news and for details of all future events.

The Friends of Woodbridge School is a separately constituted body. Its official objective per its Constitution is “To act as a focus for activities that bring parents together in line with the aims, objectives, policies and procedures laid down by the Headmaster.”

Membership of the Friends of Woodbridge School is by subscription and parents will be debited their membership in the year of joining the School.

The President of the Friends of Woodbridge School is the Headmaster and the Committee is made up of the Deputy Head of the school together with the Head of the Abbey and Queen’s House. Up to 12 parents can be elected to the committee. Out of the parents, a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected.

Should you wish to contact any of the committee please do so as follows:

Mrs Amanda Little (Chair) alittlegee@gmail.com

Mr Ed Blackmore (Treasurer) edblackmore10@gmail.com

Mr Daniel Ralph (Secretary) daniel.ralph@btinternet.com

Currently the committee is:

The Headmaster Deputy Headmaster Head of the Abbey and Queen’s House


Mrs Amanda Little (Chairman)

Mr Ed Blackmore (Treasurer)

Mr Daniel Ralph (Secretary)

Mrs Cindy Abbott

Mrs Sasha Ayres

Mrs Sharon Chin

Mrs Carole Kill

Mrs Ginny Hendry

Mr Richard Walking

Mr Mark Carter

TITLE: The title of the Association shall be “The Friends of Woodbridge School”

OBJECTIVES: To act as a focus for activities that bring parents together in line with the aims, objectives, policies and procedures laid down by the headmaster.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership, by subscription, shall be open to parents and guardians of pupils. Membership, without subscription, shall be offered to all members of the teaching and non-teaching staff , upon appointment.

PRESIDENT: The Headmaster of Woodbridge School will hold the position of President of the Association.

COMMITTEES: The Management of the Friends of Woodbridge School (sic) shall be vested in a school committee comprising the President, ex-officio the Deputy Headmaster, Head of The Abbey and Queen’s House and up to 12 parents representing the ages of children in the School. There shall be a Chair(man); Secretary, elected from the parents.

The Treasurer will act as treasurer for the whole parents’ association..

The chair(man) and Treasurer will hold office for a maximum of two years which will not be renewable in the case of the Chair(man), but will be up to a maximum of six years in the case of the Treasurer and the Secretary.

The Management Committee of the Headmaster, the Chair(man), Secretary, and Treasurer shall meet at least once a year to decide strategy and liaison.

Committees shall be empowered to appoint sub-committees, or to co-opt individual members as necessary. Members must be members of the Friends of Woodbridge School. A quorum of the committee shall consist of six members, including staff members.

GENERAL MEETINGS: There shall be an Annual General Meeting during the Michaelmas Term to which all tutor group/class representatives will be invited to attend. And before that meeting proposals for membership of the Committee may be made and if necessary at that meeting it may be decided to hold an election.

EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS: An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened at the request, in writing, to the Secretary, of 25 Members of the Association. A meeting shall be convened within 30 days of the request, providing such members have circulated to all members the agenda and motions applicable to the meeting at least 14 days before such a meeting is convened.

NOTICE OF GENERAL MEETINGS: Notice of Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings, including the wording of any motions which may be proposed for consideration, shall be sent to all members at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Notices may be sent to parents via pupils, and to teaching and administrative staff by display upon suitable notice boards. Distribution via pupils shall be deemed sufficient notice.

ACCOUNTS: The Treasurer shall be required to keep proper books of account and to submit accounts to 31 August. These accounts should be scrutinised by an independent examiner and his/her report attached to the accounts for approval annually at the AGM. A bank account shall be held in the name of the Association with mandate for withdrawal or transfer of any funds to be against the signature of any two officers.

SUBSCRIPTION: A single subscription as determined by the committee from time to time shall be payable by members upon joining. One subscription shall cover all pupils from one family.

DISSOLUTION: (i) The Friends of Woodbridge School may be dissolved by the President if at any time he or she believes its activities are counter to its objectives or to the aims and objectives of the School.

(ii) In the event of the dissolution of the Association by resolution at a General Meeting, any remaining funds shall be devoted to furthering the aims of the School after consultation with both the Headmaster and the Chairman of the School Committee.