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Woodbridge Wellbeing

11 Nov 20

Every school wants the best for their pupils and members of their community, and there are a variety of avenues that may be pursued to support this. At Woodbridge School Prep, the intellectual and emotional intelligence of each pupil is developed, and skills are taught, to enable all aspects of every pupil to expand.

It is vital that children develop a toolkit of skills that they can access to support their learning and their ability to navigate situations that they will face, as they go through life. Adding on skills at a later stage – as and when they are required – is, in my opinion, too late. Children need to be fully confident in practices, behaviours and thought-processes before they need to rely upon them for support. By developing wellbeing and emotional intelligence, children learn to understand themselves and their personal requirements.

Mindfulness is embedded within our curriculum and our community, and is an essential part of each child’s set of skills, which enable them to face the challenges of the modern world confidently and without fear. Giving ourselves permission to know ourselves and our responses is a vital skill for life, and not only for childhood.

By embracing these practices and techniques and ensuring that the ethos of the School is at the core of what we do, we are ensuring that the children are genuinely gaining a rich education for life, and not just the next set of examinations.

You can view our latest ‘Mindful Moments’ campaign – promoting mindfulness and wellbeing with some useful tips and techniques – on the Woodbridge School YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/woodbridgeschool

Nicola Mitchell

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