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Woodbridge Musicians perform at Pro Corda Chamber Music Festival

11 Feb 22

The Pro Corda Chamber Music Festival, a national festival which exclusively promotes and celebrates chamber music within schools, took place this week and Woodbridge fielded four teams from across year groups.

The Glam Quartet – Iris (Y12), Asmee (Y12), Oliver (Y11) and Jasmine (Y11). 
Brass Attack – Margot (Y8), Lara (Y7), Alice (Y9), Noah (Y9) and on drums – Joe (Y8). 
Tono Trio – Lily (Y8), Lyrah (Y8) and Alex (Y8) 
Burkitt Trio – Georgia (Y9), Will (Y9) and Oscar (Y8) 

Set in a recital room and the beautiful barn, which were not only an acoustic treat but visually very impressive, each of the groups performed really well.  Adjudicator, Mr Quatermaine, provided each team and student with valuable feedback, giving our young musicians lots to think about and consider.  It was a truly affirming experience for all who took part, congratulations to all of them, we look forward to hearing if any of our teams have been invited to the semi-finals. 

Listen to a snippet from the Glam Quartet here.

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