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Woodbridge Editions 2022

23 Jun 22

Series 5 Woodbridge Editions launches in March 2023, at a public show in Woodbridge – as well as online.  The project has been run successfully for the last four years, with new prints each year, and the initiative enables our Year 13 (age 16 to 18) A Level artists and photographers to produce and sell professional quality limited edition prints.  Receiving 50% of the value of their sales, matching the average commission a gallery would take, students earn money and knowledge from the project!  If you’d like to see past work please visit our shop, to date we have 53 prints available to purchase. 

Alongside the creation and production of the prints to a specific deadline, the initiative also provides students with the opportunity to learn and focus on self-promotion, networking with clients and understanding the process of selling art – including how gallery contracts work. 

In order for this project to be successful and viable we do rely on sponsorship, and this year we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide funds to support students.  Having previously sought a single patron each year, working with both individuals and galleries, the decision has been made to move to a crowdfunding model this year, given its community focus in line with the project which focuses on helping individuals who are part of a bigger community of artists. 

There are various ways you can make donations, all of which are gratefully received, these include using this link  https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/woodbridge-editions as well as that on our Instagram bio should you follow us on social media https://www.instagram.com/woodbridge_schl_art_department/  Donating to this project makes you an integral part of this partnership, and any contribution large or small will be hugely appreciated.  

If you don’t follow us on Instagram already, please do, we will be posting daily and sharing the story of the project from genesis to the present day, using Old Woodbridgian voices, affiliated artists and current students.  We’d appreciate it if you could like and share our reels if you’re able to, this will help to boost our audience and hopefully increase donations. 

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