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Vocal Masterclass

24 Mar 23

Drama scholars and those taking part in enrichment from Years 10 to 12 joined Mrs Lockwood, Head of LAMDA and voice expert, for our second Vocal Masterclass this week. Year 10’s Georgia talks about the workshop in our report.

Year 10’s Georgia
The workshop was a really interesting experience, as it allowed me to understand more about the mechanics of my body and what my breathing should be doing when performing.

I learnt that we should be breathing out, rather than sucking in (which I sometimes accidentally do!) as it gives you the stability to have a strong voice, sustaining you to the end of a phrase of speech, rather than starting off strong but trailing off at end.

When completing an exercise which used different sounds, I noticed some were easier to maintain on one breath than others, for instance when performing an ‘s’ sound I felt I had more breath rather than an ‘f’, where I ran out faster. This gave me a good foundation of knowledge to build on when performing.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to learn more about voice, and I am very excited for the next workshop after Easter!

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