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Woodbridge School Production: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

2 Jul 15

Colour and movement, agony and ecstasy: the classic mixture of Shakespeare, Year 9, Williams and Mayes.  Under a perfect sky in the heart of Suffolk a happy audience was transported to Italy and beguiled by love, loss, laughter, a hint of cross-dressing, a remarkably docile dog, and, in the end, a happy ending (of course).  That clever playwright – he wasn’t just sonnets and tragedy, murder and woe… thank goodness… and once again the Chapel Lawn was able to celebrate one of his comedies full of honourable intensity, misguided enthusiasm, hapless idiocy, and honest love (not always honestly bestowed, it has to be said…).

Many congratulations: to a cast brilliantly attuned to the nuances of its task and expertly in character whether in front, to the side or behind its audience; to the technical team which made light of gradient, grass and gremlins, and which bedecked both set and actors quite beautifully with an impressive eye for design; and, as ever, to our marvellous directorial duet.

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