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23 Mar 20

Last Monday we started the week with an assembly about Teamwork. One of the examples I used was that of geese flying in a V formation.  The leader has to make the most effort due to air resistance and the theory is that this formation is used to save energy. The system is a good one as there is no constant leader and all the birds take their turn in being at the front.

However, if you look into it further; flying in a V is not just about staying in the right place, according to the blog Not Exactly Rocket Science, National Geographic, by Ed Young, it is also about flapping at the right time.

What is quite incredible is that this skill is learnt and not inherent, a fact that seems extraordinary.

There is irony to the fact that, this time last week, I had no idea of the position we would all find ourselves in today.  We are in unprecedented times with minute by minute decisions being made in order to preserve the health of our nation.

At School we have pulled together, much like the geese, and in V formation are taking it in turns to be experts in our field to guide our community through the air turbulence.

What is also clear, however, is that it truly is not just about the leader it really is about everyone ‘flapping at the right time’.  Never before has it been so vital that staff, parents and pupils pull together to ensure stability, continuity and progression as we continue our migration forwards.

We were not taught the skills to deal with this situation but, just like the geese, we can learn them.

Teamwork truly is the order of the day!

Thank you to everyone who has asked questions and given feedback, we hope we have ironed out any immediate issues. Further information will follow in a day or two about the Trinity Term learning, in the meantime, please keep safe and well.

Mrs Mitchell

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