A Day in the Life: Sixth Form

A day in Sixth Form – Georgia -Year 12

The day begins with a long walk down from the turning circle. Walking into the Sixth Form Centre in the morning is a pleasant way to start the day by socialising with everyone. The bell rings at 8:40 (and with a bit of motivation from Mrs Pilkington) we all head off to tutor. During morning tutor time, we get informed with any important notices for the day and week.

My first lesson begins at 8:50. Although my timetable varies from day to day, and between each week, one of my favourite days is a Wednesday on a week 1. The day begins with a lesson of Biology with Dr Rickard, and at the moment we are studying about DNA, genes and protein synthesis. Following this I have a study period which enables me to catch up on any missing work or complete extra work. During study periods there is either an option to work independently in silence in the study area, or complete group work in the common room.

At 10:40 there is either assembly (whole school or house), Chapel or tutor. On a Wednesday I have tutor. Tutor is time available for you to eat cake, talk, do work or ask for help. At the moment, being in year 12, it is helpful to also discuss opportunities for when we finish school. Being in a tutor with year 9’s to year 13’s helps integrate years; it also allows younger years to ask older years for advice. After tutor we have a 20 minute break. Lesson then restart at 11:20.

After break I have Academic P.E with Mr Walsh; in this lesson we study the history of sport. This allows me to learn about something I had no idea about; it shows the way in which modern day sport has evolved. Across the 2 weeks of the timetable, in year 12 we have one lesson of PHSCE a week. These are very useful and interesting periods; we have external speakers come in to talk to us about things that will help us whilst being at school and in the future. For example, we have had talks about finance, staying safe at university, and mental health issues. Another good thing about PHSCE is the early lunch that follows. In the 1 hour and 20 minute lunch break there are many opportunities to participate in clubs, however it is also a chance to relax before afternoon lessons.

My Wednesday afternoon is a lesson of Biology with Dr Wharam followed by a lesson of Chemistry with Mrs Hillman. At the moment my biology lessons with Dr Wharam consist of dissections of plants; my favourite one so far has been when the class dissected a celery stalk. With Mrs Hillman we are studying the factors that affect the rate of reaction. It is a good and interesting way to finish off a pleasant day at school.

At 4:10 the bell rings for the end of the day. After school there is always an activity to keep you occupied no matter what your interests are. Extra-curricular activities vary from sports practices to subject clinics or drama and music rehearsals. After a bus journey home, a night of work usually follows and the next day begins with the same walk down from the turning circle.

A Day in Sixth Form – Will – Year 12

 Why is it that even though I live the closest to School I’m always the last one in? An example of one of the many pointless questions I ponder about on my agonising two minute walk to School from the Boarding House. Usually, before I can think of an answer to any question, my train of thought is interrupted by my Spanish and Turkish housemates arguing loudly over whose country plays the better style of football. Sadly, being English I have no say in the matter due to my country’s tactics being “boring” but it is amusing (and interesting) to listen to the points raised in their endless debates. However the warm, welcoming air from the opening of the Sixth Form doors signals for them to stop and put their learning heads on instead.

Directly on the right from where you enter the Sixth Form centre is the student haven known as the common room. At this time of day it is being used as a morning pitstop, with a group of my friends plunging into the sofas in hope of a quick catch up and bev (tea). Normally, due to me leaving so little time to spare in the mornings, my common room experience exits of a friendly hello, and if I’m lucky, some small talk before rushing off to tutor for a 8:40 meet.

For me and most other people morning tutor is a wake up call and a ten minute warning that lessons are about to start. I have two 55 minute lessons before break this morning and it looks like its going to be Economics and English. Before going out the door, I’m told any messages that I need to know for the day, and then I’m off.

A big difference I’ve noticed between the rest of school and Sixth Form is that I’m always motivated to go to a lesson because I’m only doing subjects I enjoy. Economics is a great example of this, and being in one of the new classes made just for sixth formers really boosts my productivity. Although we do get our fair share of work done in class, another unique experience which has come with the respect of age is that we are also able to have open discussions about matters which revolve around the subject. An example of this is when we take a look at political events, Brexit being a current favourite, and begin to think how different outcomes will effect the world we live in economically. This completely contradicts the disturbing, dystopian worlds we look at in English studying novels such as The Handmaid’s Tale.

Break time ironically breaks up the intensity of lessons; the subjects everyone then starts talking about are a lot more casual – such as who’s in the rugby team or gossip about what took place over the weekend.

I have study periods after Break. During this time you’re able to revise or do extra work in the silence of the study area, which comprises many desktops which are open to use. This is an area for self-discipline, and the pupils working hard in there really create an atmosphere of how studying at university might feel. It’s also great to use if there is any work you need to catch up on.

Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week because after a warm meal at lunch (which takes place after my fourth lesson) we’re able to spend the last couple of hours of the day taking part in sport. We also play any arranged matches during this time, and there is no better way to unleash the stress of a day of work than a game of sport!

If you still have the energy, there are many after school clubs to take part in, however for me I prefer a stroll back up to the house and a chilled night in with the boarding family getting ready for tomorrow when I’ll start the cycle again.

A Day in Sixth Form – Chisom – Year 12

Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. My  day begins before that of most students as I wake for a morning run. It helps to get me awake and ready for the day, plus it’s healthy. Then I stroll downhill to the Tuckwell room at eight o’clock for a warm, tasty breakfast to keep me going through the day until lunch time. After breakfast, I can go back to the boarding house to shower and get ready for school.

The school day starts at 8:40 a.m. with registration in our tutor rooms, but before that I just hang out in the study area with friends or take the excellent opportunity to finish homework.

After registration, lessons begin. Two periods of lessons that are fifty-five minutes long, beginning with chemistry and then biology afterwards. In chemistry, I’ve recently been learning about chlorofluorocarbons and their negative effect on the ozone layer by free radical substitution reactions with ozone. In biology, we’re learning about the different stages of meiosis. Next is tutor time where students spend time with their tutors who give information on upcoming events or assemblies etc.

My next lesson is mathematics. MATHEMATICS!!! The subject isn’t so hard, but the questions require you to be able to think outside the box. Because I do 3 subjects, I have a study period next. I usually stay in the study area doing some homework or studying for a test or just reading ahead of a class. I have early lunch because I have a study period before lunch. Lucky me! Then I go back to the boarding house to change into my sportswear for games.

Games are why Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. Two hours of just sports, is there anything better? In first term I did rugby and then football in the second term. This term I’ll do athletics. I’m up for that! Last term we had football matches on all but one Tuesday. It was really fun to compete against other schools, enjoying the game, developing our skills, and of course scoring a few goals!

After the school day ends, I walk back to the boarding house and play FIFA against a friend or just chill in the blue lounge then head to the Tuckwell room for dinner at six o’clock. After dinner, prep time begins from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. During this time I do homework or study for a test. From the end of prep time to 10:15 p.m., I have time to do whatever I want; more prep, hang out with friends, or even go to bed early. Lights out for sixth formers is at 10:30 p.m.