Do you know what makes a good leader?

Is it someone who is such a high achiever that they can win the day on their own? Is it someone who does everything possible to help their team to win?

It could be defined as someone who has strong personal qualities such as self-awareness, self-reliance, honesty, humility and a willingness to accept responsibility; someone able to stand back and assess the situation before acting. All of these are excellent qualities and those that will stand you in good stead in your career and in your wider life experience.

At Woodbridge every student is encouraged to take part in adventure and leadership activities, whether it is through participation in the Combined Cadet Force, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Sports’ Leadership Scheme, or a combination of all of these. The result is both very exciting and personally challenging, and students discover what it takes to be a true leader and how to work successfully as part of a wider team, both critical ingredients for life during and after school.

The Combined Cadet Force provides opportunities for many exciting activities including lessons in flying, gliding, diving, parachuting, sailing, skiing and shooting, and annual camps and training expeditions are held at home and overseas in destinations such as Norway, Canada, the Alps and even Iceland. As a result of its very healthy numbers and numerous enthusiastic staff, it has been described as one of the most active and best contingents in the country.

In parallel, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award develops key qualities such as self-reliance, resourcefulness and endurance through individually tailored programmes of community service, skills, physical recreation and endurance in the UK, Morocco and Nepal. Sixth Formers can also take a BTec in public service.

Fancy taking a flight in a glider? Canoeing along the Telemark Canal in Norway? Crashing through Peruvian deserts in dune buggies? climbing Mount Toubkal in Nepal? All of these opportunities and more await you at Woodbridge.