• 67.2% A* to B grades
  • 99.6% A* to E grades
  • 86% of all grades were A* to C
  • The percentage of A* grades was the highest in the last 4 years, and double that of last year
  • Nearly 40% of pupils secured the equivalent of 3 A grades
  • Art, Drama and Latin all achieved 100% A*/B results, with Latin and Drama achieving 100% A*/A results
  • English Literature and German achieved 83% A*/B results, with Spanish achieving 82% A*/B, and History achieving 80% A*/B results

A Level 2019 Case Studies are available here.

League Tables

Woodbridge is one of 68 leading independent schools who do not submit results to league tables. There are many reasons for this:

  • League tables encourage the deselection of young people at key points in their education. Woodbridge believes in opportunity for all.
  • League tables award the same points for all subjects. Mathematics, the sciences, modern foreign languages, which many of our candidates study, are up to two grades more difficult than media studies, health and social science.
  • League tables encourage schools to force feed pupils an unnecessary number of A levels to boost a school’s points score. There are very few university courses that ask for four A levels, and none that count general studies.