Senior Cadets Dinner

What a very dignified occasion this was: our senior cadets and their officers, friends and guests celebrated a great CCF year in the finest of style.  With the CCF flags, drums and trophies on proud display the setting could not have been more splendid; and with our chefs and their staff putting on a delicious feast the occasion very much matched the setting.  Convivial chatter drew to a dignified close at the end of the meal as the speeches and toasts took centre stage.  Major Garvie in time-honoured fashion thanked the officers and cadets for their endeavours; warrant officer Jonathan teased out some wonderful memories (and teased a few peers as well!) in a beguiling reply which showed in how much affection the CCF is held by all the cadets who enjoy its benefits; and with toasts to the CCF, the cadets and the Queen ringing in our ears the evening drew to a gentle close.  Marvellous.