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RAF Cadets Fly High

1 Jul 22

Over the last two weeks, Year 10 RAF cadets have been travelling to RAF Wittering, having secured cadet flying in Grob Tutors; the first time in over two and a half years this has been able to take place due to Covid restrictions.  Two of those cadets, Charlotte and Hugh, report on what has been one of the most exciting experiences of their cadet training. 


We set off early, unsure whether we would be able to go gliding or not due to the surrounding hailstorms.  However, after we arrived, the good news came that we would be able to get in the air and the day began.  Parachutes on, we were pulled up in our gliders to 3,000 feet.  The view all around was outstanding and the lack of any engine made the whole experience even more enjoyable.  I got the chance to fly the glider throughout and it had to be one the best moments of the year.  


After a long drive, eight of us arrived at RAF Witterring, excited and ready for action.  Luckily, it was a perfect day for flying; clear skies with an absence of wind.  From the moment we arrived, we learnt the basic safety procedures and got kitted up.  Accompanied by the ground crew singing ‘Highway in to the Dangerzone’ from Top Gun, we took off in our planes (Grob Tutor 115)  and reached 2,800 feet and a top speed of 140 Knots.  With our professional pilots , Phil and Mac, we did a variety of aerobatics including a loop de loop, took control of our planes and pulled 3G.  The views were outstanding.  It was a day to remember! 

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