Year 2

In Year 2 the children continue to build on the solid skills they have learned In Year 1.

Topic based-learning continues, with such topics as fire, earth and water offering the children exciting opportunities to learn about the planet Earth- and exciting topics such as volcanoes, rain forests and endangered species. The Great Fire of London is also covered with the children taking part in a special fancy dress “Fire of London” day to experience a slice of 1666 life! We even make our very own volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring to cause an explosion in the classroom!

There are two music lessons a week. Other than private lessons within school; piano, cello and violin, this is their first taste of playing and practising an instrument. The parents are invited to a small concert to showcase these early presenting skills.

There is a huge range of after school clubs available to the Year 2 children. Clubs such as; golf, tennis, art, computing, music, karate, ballet, chess, gardening, dance and many more. These are led by the teachers or external specialists.

There are many more opportunities for children to begin to really build confidence in Year 2, as parts in school performances become bigger, and public speaking to class is more frequent. This means that as children enter Prep years they are already able to stand up in front of an audience with performance and delivery skills. The Year 2 pupils are encouraged to become more responsible and are all given prefect roles. From playground monitors to manning the water fountain they really enjoy rising to this challenge.

During Year 2, children also start to experience and have an understanding of the independence and self-motivation encouraged in the Prep and at the Senior School. The older pupils inspire the Pre-Prep pupils to do their best. Watching the Swing Band and regular contact with the Senior School Sports’ Leaders encourages familiarity with the older children at the Senior School site.