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OW Poppy Fletcher featured in RAF Air Cadets social media – Part 2

27 Jan 21

Woodbridge School CCF (RAF) CWO Poppy Fletcher, former Head Girl and now OW, shares Part 2 of her insights on the Air Cadet Leadership Course on the prestigious RAF Air Cadets social media channels:

Royal Air Force Air Cadets Facebook page: www.facebook.com/38145396705/posts/10157310993526706/?d=n


Welcome back to the second part of a series of articles that continue to raise awareness of the Air Cadet Leadership Course.

We “return” to follow the progress of CWO Fletcher from Woodbridge School CCF, Suffolk who, whilst a L/Cpl, took part in ACLC 2018. In this instalment, she remembers her “Highs & Lows” from the duration of the course . . .

“In the first couple of days, I casually swaggered onto the drill square and the wrath of an NCO made me shake. I quickly learned (the hard way!) that I will never forget to march onto a drill square again!”

“One of my favourite moments was the log-run. Despite being physically challenging, we all pulled together as a team and the chanting/singing made it one of my best memories.”

“I was selected to be Course Leader for a couple of days; this is where you oversee all the cadets on the course, and you must make sure everyone and everything is clean and sorted. This was the biggest challenge for me as I had never been responsible for so many people. Being out of your comfort zone is the best way for you to grow. It was stressful but the skills I learnt I carry with me every day.”

“One of my most embarrassing moments was when I had a voice break when calling out drill: it happens to the best of us, but you must just carry on. Perseverance is key-something we all discovered when a thunderstorm hit whilst camping under “bashas”. It was so bad that we all had to be evacuated to a building for shelter. Snuggled into our damp sleeping bags, laughter still managed to ripple through the room.”

We can’t wait to read Poppy’s third, and final, instalment!

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