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7 Oct 22

The Manchester Cheadle Hulme MUN conference (MUNCH) took place last week, and 12 students from the School’s MUN committee, led by Dr Ruggiero, travelled to the event and took part.  More than 30 schools were represented including Warminster, Shrewsbury, Bristol Grammar; students took part in tense debates, evening quizzes and meeting new delegates from the most prestigious independent schools in the country – the weekend was a resounding success.  

Impressively, we had a guest chair, Year 11’s Ewan, who chaired for the Special Committee for Diversity.  We also had two delegates in said committee, Maxim representing Austria, our youngest delegate who is in Year 8, as well as Skyla, a year 11 student representing South Africa; she was Highly Commended by CHS and certainly a promising delegate for the future.  

In the political committee, Harry a Year 11 who represented South Africa, wrote and submitted a resolution on the issue of political misinformation gaining many a signature and support from countries around the world.  

Year 11’s Martha joined the committee on ethics, researching and discussing fascinating topics ranging from the ethics of insider trading to the world’s responsibility for refugees. 

In the Social and Human Rights Committee Year 9’s Bea and Year 11’s Isabella were involved in heated debates around human rights violations in refugees’ camps and the right for adequate housing.  Bea submitted a crisis resolution and was also commended; our youngest delegate to win an award in Year 9.  

In the Human Rights Committee year 11’s Rose and Amelie argued the point of views of Austria and South Africa respectively on topical issues such the rights of unborn children and prolonging life by medical means. 

Year 11’s Alexander represented South Africa’s views on complex and insightful debates in the context of the Middle East Committee on sensitive issues such as the oppression of Kurdish people and human rights violation in the Gulf States. 

Finally, Year 11’s Bea and James were involved in debates around issues critical to children across the world in the Youth Committee.  They made their voices heard in the attempt to find effective solutions to issues such as period poverty, the right to marry at sixteen and universal vaccination programmes for youth.  

A special thanks to Miss Hinton for driving the mini-bus and providing invaluable moral support for all our delegates! 

MUN Club takes place every Tuesday at 1.45pm in T21, and everyone is welcome to attend.

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