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Mindfulness at Woodbridge

Alongside Pastoral care and support, mindfulness is taught throughout School, from our Prep through to Senior and Sixth Form at Woodbridge – and beyond. Through working with Mindfulness In Schools Project (MiSP), our teaching staff are regularly trained and supported, to ensure they are able to teach children of all ages through our curriculum, as well as empowering and helping students learn how to support themselves and one another.  We fully embrace the aim of MiSP, to improve the lives of a generation of children and young people, by making a genuine, positive difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

What is mindfulness and why is it important?

Mindfulness describes a person’s awareness of themselves and the world around them in the present moment.  Developing and employing mindfulness techniques at School supports mental wellbeing and health, which as we know requires work and consistency, much like good physical health.  Culture, ethos and environment are all factors that have a profound influence on young people, particularly at School, and so we are in a unique position in that by promoting resilience as part of an integrated whole School approach to mindfulness, we are able to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to support them to manage their mental wellbeing positively.  Working with our Pastoral team ensures students are supported in every way possible as they face the challenges of life and School.

Teaching mindfulness as part of our curriculum

The curriculum taught is based on a set of principles that support students to understand how their brain works and why we react to certain situations in specific ways.  We teach them the skills they need to manage an overcome negative reactions, using mindfulness in practice through assertion of the fact that we are in control of our mind and thoughts and can decide how our mind is going to work and react.  Linked to two rules of School to be kind and try your best, fundamentally we underline three things to support students with mindfulness: focus, concentrate and be the best you can be by making good choices and decisions.

Mindfulness in practice

Beyond specific lessons where mindfulness is taught directly, every opportunity is taken to support students in demonstrating and applying learned mindfulness – in School and at home. From practicing specific skills as part of morning assembly in our Prep School, to encouraging students to apply skills learned such as pausing ahead of goal shots in sports, or being resilient in the face of defeat during matches. Students can also be assisted with sleeping, concentration and focus through the application of learned techniques, because as we already know, all of these factors can influence education and the ability to acquire, retain and apply information.  Mindfulness has a vital role to play throughout School, and beyond.

Mindfulness for life

With mental health awareness and concerns ever-increasing, we can all understand and acknowledge the importance of equipping young people to deal with everything they face in life, during their School years and throughout their adult lives. Emotions and experiences play a pivotal role in young people’s development and have an enormous impact on the way they feel, behave and respond.  We are fully committed to supporting our young students throughout their entire journey at Woodbridge, and as they venture out into the world into University, where challenges can grow beyond and evolve beyond any expectation.

Providing students with the skills they need to grow, develop and support themselves and others is a huge focus at Woodbridge, embodies our values and beliefs and ensures we are working together to support one another.