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28 Apr 16

Many congratulations to all the candidates in last term’s LADMA examinations. They secured a one hundred percent pass rate, gaining an extraordinary 57 distinctions and 36 merits.

Those with Distinctions were:

Grade Two
Rufus Vogel; Thomas Evans; William Cook; Ruben Kill; Sebastian Ward; Emily Weston; Ella Reynard

Grade Three
Amber Harrell; Hope Jerstice; Derry Jay; Rob McBride; Tom Scoggins; Alfie Franklin; Lily Craig

Grade Three Verse and Prose
Oliver Reid

Grade Four Acting
Jennifer Clare; Amelia Potter; Milly Buckingham; Sophie Harper; George Barker; Luke Townshend

Grade Four Verse and Prose
Nina Varadarajan; Medomfo Owusu; Alex Sharratt; Chris Long

Grade Five Acting
Toby Stowe; Charlie Garnham; Johnny Kajoba; Guy Seagers; Daniella Elman; Maddie Felton; Eliza Kilburn; Florence Appell; Isabelle Cory; Simone Webb; Harriet Spence; Mia King; Martha Carey; Isabella Withey

Grade Five Public Speaking
Peter Huang

Grade Six Acting
Nancy King; Imogen Thomas; Abigail Crane; Emilia Vaes; Natalia Reid; Katja Longbon; Phoebe Averdieck

Grade Six Public Speaking
Abigail Tearle (With 100%)

Grade Seven Acting
Chris Grainger; Theo Bimson; Jasper Beaumont; Amy Weir-Simmons; Emma Jarvis; Abbi  Warburton; Lucy Buckingham

Grade Eight Acting
Harry Salter; Grace Baker

Congratulations also to those who earned merits or passes, in acting grades unless otherwise stated:-

Grade 1: Etiane Cheung; Jo Dunmore;
Grade 3: Ariane Bilgen; Phoebe Bell (both verse and prose); Lily Peto; Petronella Powell; Iona Murland; Amelia Kirkham
Grade 4: Freddie Chin; Toby Cassy; Lily Butler-Mayer; Miranda Woods Ballard; Daniel Davies;
Grade 5: Madeleine Craig; Sam Kill;
Grade 6: George King; Alex Chin; Jake Jay; Finbar Burns; Ben Kelly; Theo Lindsay-Smith; Alexander Stow; Teddie Buckley; Victoria Williams; Oliver Wroe; Sid Roberts; Nathan Lloyd and William Clarke (both public speaking);
Grade 7: Adam Colbert, Thomas Chin and Sofia Cassy (all verse and prose); Lydia Cook; Hollie Harrell; David Spray; Laura Graham; Connie Farrow; Rosie Streat;
Grade 8: Flora Douglas and Harry Salter (both verse and prose); Nick Kill; Flora Douglas

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