‘Feel Good Fridays’!

It has been lovely to see so many of our CCF Cadets throwing themselves into the Friday afternoon challenges that have been posted on itslearning, and Years 7 and 8 joining in with games.

Now, we would like to encourage our whole School community to get involved, by joining in with ‘Feel Good Fridays’, a selection of some of the Common Room’s favourite ways to while away a couple of hours. https://www.woodbridgeschool.org.uk/woodbridge-feel-good-fridays/

Miss Richardson, our Director of Co-Curricular, says:

“If you are at loss as to what to do with yourself after a week of academic lessons and needs a little guidance, then please do have a look at some of the activities that we, as a Common Room, would like to be doing with our time. Covering four different themes – ‘Creative’, ‘Community’, ‘Challenge’ and ‘Chill Out’ – hopefully there is something to grab your attention.”

We would love to see what you have been up to, so please do upload pictures on social media (but please make sure that you have the permission of everyone in the photos), using the hashtag #woodbridgefeelgoodfridays.