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Fantastic LAMDA Results

24 Apr 19

Many, many congratulations to our cohort of nearly 50 candidates in last term’s LAMDA exams. Between them they secured a stunning 34 distinctions and 12 merits further to burnish the Woodbridge School tradition of fantastic public performance in all its guises!

Grade 1

  • Caitlyn: Musical Theatre (Distinction)
  • Poppy: Musical Theatre (Distinction)
  • Phoebe: Acting (Distinction)
  • Alexander: Acting (Distinction)

Grade 2

  • Mae: Acting (Distinction)
  • Lala: Acting (Distinction)
  • Nancy: Acting (Distinction)

Grade 3

  • Eloise: Acting (Distinction)
  • Oliver: Acting (Distinction)
  • James: Acting (Distinction)
  • Isobel: Acting (Distinction)
  • Esme: Acting (Distinction)
  • Charlotte: Acting (Distinction)
  • Maggie: Acting (Merit)
  • Chloe: Acting (Merit)
  • Rose: Acting (Merit)

Grade 4

  • Alice: Acting (Distinction)
  • Amelie (Distinction)
  • Isla: Acting (Distinction)
  • Madeleine: Acting (Distinction)
  • Evelyn: Acting (Distinction)

Grade 5

  • Phoebe: Verse and Prose (Distinction)
  • Etaine: Verse and Prose (Distinction)
  • Ruben: Acting (Distinction)
  • Lakisha: Acting (Merit)

Grade 6

  • Amber: Acting (Distinction)
  • Hope: Acting (Distinction)
  • Amelia: Acting (Distinction)
  • Petronella: Acting (Merit)
  • Tom: Acting (Merit)
  • Sophie: Speaking in public (Merit)
  • Felix: Speaking in Public (Merit)
  • Alexander: Acting (Merit)
  • Oliver: Verse and Prose (Distinction)
  • Ella: Acting (Distinction)
  • Emily: Acting (Distinction)
  • Beatrice: Acting (Distinction)
  • Tom: Acting (Distinction)
  • Lily: Acting (Distinction)
  • Arthur: Acting (Distinction)
  • Alfie: Acting (Distinction)
  • Thomas: Speaking In Public (Merit)

Grade 7

  • Toby: Acting

Grade 8

  • Daniella: Acting (Merit)
  • Madelaine: Acting (Merit)
  • Sam: Acting (Distinction)
  • Isabelle: Acting (Distinction)
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