Woodbridge School Sixth Former

Young Enterprise


What’s the point of taking part in Young Enterprise at Woodbridge School?

Young Enterprise is a national business competition open to every school in the country. Young Enterprise research found that students had better prospects for future earnings, were more successful in their careers and that Young Enterprise contributed to their skills development more than anything else, including work experience, extra-curricular activities and school. In the very difficult job market for under 25s, Young Enterprise is a “must have” on the CV.

The programme involves setting up and running a business from September to June in Year 12. The students make all their own decisions, manage their own meetings, appoint directors to roles and sell their goods; this experience provides them with skills that will set them out from their peers in the competitive environment beyond School. The company will enter the Young Enterprise competition and compete with over 35,000 students nationally.

Woodbridge School companies have reached the regional finals numerous times in very recent years and the national finals twice in the last decade.