Woodbridge School CCF

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

Our CCF has all three sections, Royal Navy, Army and RAF, and each section has links and support from the regular services. The broad function of the Combined Cadet Force is to provide a disciplined structure so that boys and girls are able develop powers of leadership by means of training in order to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, and perseverance and a sense of service to the wider community.

The specific function of the service training in the CCF is to provide the opportunity for young people to exercise responsibility and leadership, and to learn from the services how they can best be developed as individuals.

Each section engages in their own service training and all cadets can take part in a wider range of adventurous activities including flying, gliding, parachuting, sailing, shooting and climbing.

Cadets will attend camps and courses run by the Regular services and also take part in inter-service competitions. There is also the opportunity to travel, and our cadets have visited Germany, Cyprus, the Alps and Canada in the past.

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CCF Experiences

CCF-Army- Will Clarke Year 9

001-106 (Medium)“The CCF basic training has brought opportunities and the chance to learn a host of new skills. Weapons training has been the highlight of my first 8 months with the section and has introduced a skill that would not be available outside of the CCF. Handling the L98a2 has been a totally new experience and has taught me a lot about weapons and safety.

Adventure training activities such as the zip wire, climbing wall and obstacle course have all brought enjoyment and a different physical challenge. Even the drill and command tasks have provided a focus which is very different to those we normally have.Working closely together as a unit, especially when successful, is a great experience.

The history of the Royal Anglian Regiment has really been interesting and the recent visit to the Ypres Battlefields was a fascinating experience and chance to put history in context. The CCF has also given me the opportunity to take part in the Suffolk Cadet Challenge in which I was the youngest member of the team. This type of activity would never have been possible for me without the cadet force here at Woodbridge.”

CCF, RAF – Cathy Cooper Year 12

001-92 (Medium)“I have been in the RAF Section of our CCF for four years now, and I really feel that being a member of the section has helped me gain in confidence and independence, as well as developing my leadership skills and self discipline.

Being part of the CCF is incredibly rewarding; I have gone from having an amazing time doing adventure activities and learning about the RAF in the younger years, to now teaching and leading our youngest cadets as a Corporal. I love the RAF now and even if you are not considering a future in the forces, CCF leads to so many amazing and unique opportunities.

I have been flying four times at RAF Wyton and I have also completed two out of three sections of the RAF leadership course at RAF Wittering.

Finally, a highlight of the section’s calendar, has to be the Cranwell competition, which not only gives the section a great sense of pride, but also gives us something to aim for each year. Unforgettable and life-changing experiences, with the chance to develop your own potential every week.”

CCF Trips


“Hill-walking, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking and high level rope work were some of the challenges faced by the 24 cadets who came to Snowdonia this year. While East Anglia basked in a heat wave which we could only appreciate on the weather forecast, each evening we were treated to a huge downpour of Welsh rain. However, we were fortunate to get glorious views from the top of Snowdon in the one break in the cloud of the day, and we welcomed the visit to the new mountain top café‚ after our climb up. Our other walking day was to cross the Glydders ridge which the two oldest officers managed over three successive days. Around all of the daytime activity, we even found time for quiz evenings in between watching the World Athletics Championships.”


“We spent four days canoeing along the Telemark Canal with our two guides, Russell and Matt, sighting only very small and remote settlements along the way. We spent the two remaining days trekking through the mountains and soaking up the most breathtaking views. It was a truly amazing and unforgettable trip.”