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Exceptional UKLO Results

28 Mar 24

Woodbridge students have been celebrating exceptional success in the UK Linguistics Olympiad. In the third year in which Woodbridge has taken part in the UK Linguistics Olympiad, we have smashed our previous records, achieving a large number of awards across all four levels.

Especially impressive were the eight Golds awarded to students who came in the top 5% nationally in their category. Year 10’s Alexander C did exceptionally well, gaining a Gold in the Advanced competition (designed for Sixth Formers) while still only being in Year 10.
Moreover, Woodbridge took 20% of the Golds awarded nationally in the Breakthrough category, a tremendous achievement by our seven winners.

Very few schools capture one fifth of the Golds in one competition and it is testimony to the strength of language teaching at Woodbridge School that this has been achieved.

Other highlights included four Silvers in the Intermediate competition and a very impressive nine Silvers in the Foundation (Level 2) competition.

Sixteen students gained Bronze in the Intermediate section including four Year 9s who were competing a year up.
Six students gained a Bronze in the Foundation competition and twelve Bronze awards were achieved to go with our seven Golds in the Breakthrough (Level 1) competition.

Overall, Woodbridge’s haul of awards was 61:
8 Gold
13 Silver
40 Bronze.

Very many congratulations to all involved on a most impressive set of results.

Full breakdown of results:

Solo Advanced:
Year 10’s Alex – Gold
Year 13’s Oliver – Silver
Year 12’s Alex S – Bronze

Team Advanced:
Year 12’s Harvey – Bronze
Year 12’s Toby C – Bronze
Year 13’s Sophie – Bronze
Year 13’s Jasmine – Bronze
Year 13’s Amy – Bronze

Silver (4)
Year 10’s Jack C
Year 10’s Jasper
Year 10’s Sam L
Year 10’s Arlo

Bronze (16)
Year 8’s George (competing a year up)
Year 9’s Toby (competing a year up)
Year 9’s Arthur (competing a year up)
Year 9’s Oliver (competing a year up)
Year 10’s Scarlett
Year 10’s Arthur
Year 10’s Aurelia
Year 10’s Stephanie
Year 10’s Kerem
Year 10’s Oscar P
Year 10’s Theo
Year 10’s Isobel
Year 10’s Joe
Year 11’s Alice
Year 11’s Lilianna
Year 11’s Ida

Silver (8)
Year 9’s Romilly
Year 9’s George
Year 9’s Georgia
Year 9’s Sophie
Year 9’s Drew
Year 9’s Olivia
Year 9’s Pippa
Year 9’s Maxim

Bronze (6)
Year 8’s Hadiya
Year 8’s Sheryl
Year 8’s Jack
Year 8’s Oscar D
Year 8’s Ella
Year 8’s Isabelle S

Gold (7) – Top 5% nationally
Year 8’s Xan
Year 8’s Seth
Year 8’s Pranav
Year 8’s Abigail
Year 8’s Charlotte
Year 8’s Isabella
Year 8’s Layla-Jane

Bronze (12)
Year 8’s Hadiya
Year 8’s Eirann
Year 8’s Sheryl
Year 8’s Jack
Year 8’s Oscar D
Year 8’s Henri
Year 8’s Ella
Year 8’s Marina
Year 8’s Isabelle
Year 8’s Millie
Year 8’s Millie
Year 8’s Barnaby

Breaking news!
We have just heard that Year 10’s Alexander has been awarded a Merit in Round 2 of the Advanced UKLO!

This puts him in the top 40 nationally of a competition designed for Sixth Formers. Miss Wright, Head of Academic Scholars and Oxbridge, said,

“I am exceptionally proud of Alexander – he is a superb linguist, studying Latin, Classical Greek, French and Japanese, while also studying composition at the Royal College of Music. To have achieved this level of success competing against pupils who are two or three years older than him is outstanding.”

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