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E-Safety – Instagram

10 Nov 14

Instagram is an incredibly popular app and service amongst smartphone users in general and school-age children in particular. It does need to be used with some care, however. The advice I’ve given students via Fronter is as follows:

Check your privacy settings: MOST USERS should keep their posts private. Remember that this affects other users – if your posts are not private, their pictures can become public when you like them. This upsets people.

DON’T put your snapchat/kik/BBM usernames on your public Instagram profile. This is asking for trouble.

How do I make my account private? Follow this link to find out: http://help.instagram.com/116024195217477

Advice for parentshttp://help.instagram.com/154475974694511/

Safety tips from Instagramhttp://help.instagram.com/369001149843369

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