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Creative Writing for Year 11

14 Mar 24

“A well-timed opportunity to be creative in an academic setting” was one of many testimonials offered from students at the end of a day that, while exhausting, became so much more than that, when the English department claimed all 76 Year 11 students for a whole day of creative writing skills.

Why? Creative writing is worth 20% of students’ final grade in English Language GCSE, a core subject and qualification needed for almost any future they might wish to choose. However it is entirely skills (rather than content) based and therefore can receive limited attention when competing with texts and anthologies.

“It was so useful – I hadn’t realized before I can revise creative writing by practising particular skills.”

In addition, an imaginative frame of mind can be difficult to discover under time pressure and so the English department looked to its creative allies – Art, Photography, DT and Drama, all of whom create wonderfully meaningful creative opportunities for students in their subjects – and shaped a day of workshops transcending usual timetable constraints that unleashed students’ freedom to explore.

“Looking at the mark scheme and understanding why and where marks are given was really helpful.”

Four 90-minute workshops run by our four Year 11 English teachers, covered a range of skills, starters and suggestions to make imaginative writing more vivid, engaging, bold and yet achievable within the time restraints of a GCSE exam, alongside focusing on ways to enhance language and structural choices, improve accuracy, and impress examiners.

“Each session I felt my creativity expanding!”

Students embraced the day, kept their energy levels remarkably high (helped by a timely muffin arrival during the afternoon) and feedback was positive across all ability and confidence levels.

“I know how to punctuate dialogue now!”

As our students aim to fulfil their potential in two months’ time, their freshly made characters, plots and settings will be ready to dazzle examiners. Well done to all involved.

“I now have so many new ways to grab the reader’s attention.”

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