A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Perfection: cast, setting, atmosphere, and of course one of the most delightful plays ever written.  How lucky we were to be transported to Greece and enchantment at the hands of Year 9.  

So here’s a play about courtship, or rivalry, or jealousy, or passion, or magic, or asses, or a talking wall (with chink); a play of kings and queens, boys and girls, wooers and wooed, masters and servants, fairies and rude mechanicals.  A play like no other, cast and recast across generations and genres yet still as fresh as ever it was in its original Shakespearean clothing.  And how well the cast did – all the emotion of the chase and the escape, proud conceit and terrible falls, haughty dominion and cautious mewling.  But despite the confusion, the plot thickened nicely and then rose to its crisp crescendo (how now for a mixed metaphor).  Had those spirits offended?  No! Far from it: we gave loud applause and rejoiced at a happy ending and the happy smiles of our most confident of casts.  Congratulations one and all, to those on stage and to those behind – brilliant!