Drama at The Abbey


Formal opportunities to celebrate and apply the skills learnt in Drama lessons are important in extending and contextualising what our children have absorbed. We offer every child at The Abbey the opportunity to take part in a production.

There are currently two productions at The Abbey each year, one for Years 3 and 4 and one for Years 5 and 6.


The Year 3 and 4 Production- Lent Term 

This process is an inclusive one, giving all children the opportunity to perform onstage and experience theatre-making. There are no auditions and casting is based on assessment through lessons and discussion with Form teachers: every child is challenged to develop a character and sense of storytelling. Performance is a fantastic opportunity for all children to collaborate on one project. Speaking roles are reserved for the eldest children.


The Year 5 and 6 Production- Trinity Term 

This project is also inclusive; however, provision is made to showcase and stretch those children for whom drama is a passion, and those children who demonstrate a particular talent onstage. All Year 6 children are invited to audition in order to give the students opportunity to experience such processes and simulate the rigorous nature of the theatre industry.

In addition to the more formal productions, there are many cross-curricular opportunities throughout the year for children to develop and consolidate skills they learn in the Drama classroom such as public readings, presentations and verse and prose competitions.

In addition to this, The Abbey runs two LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) clubs a week, one for Year 3 and 4 pupils and one for Year 5 and 6 pupils. Pupils participating in the club will be prepared for LAMDA exams as well as for various festivals of performing arts where classes entered include prose reading, verse speaking, solo and duologue acting. The main aims of LAMDA teaching at the school are the development and use of communication and language. The exams provide motivation and framework for these skills. The club encourages each pupil to explore their own interests and instils discipline, improves concentration, enhances communication skills, refines technical skills and artistry, and nurtures the imagination. Pupils participating in LAMDA clubs at The Abbey will be able to pursue their LAMDA studies throughout the Senior School, which can culminate in Grade 8 level and the possibility of the ATCL qualification, along with UCAS points.

Dance at The Abbey

Two qualified dance instructors take regular Ballet classes and Tap classes within the school. Although children do not enter exams in either discipline, the enjoyment and benefits of participating in these clubs are enormous. All levels of ability and age are taught and the children dance for fun and to improve their technique and performance skills. Whichever discipline is followed, Dance provides the opportunity to build confidence, improve posture, increase fitness, teamwork and social skills, and develops a child’s ability to interpret all forms of music. Participation in these groups also provides the opportunity to perform in small and large scale productions.