Woodbridge School

“Everyone happy, everyone confident, everyone successful.”

We aim to: 

  • Woodbridge school is a community built on Christian values. We are a community in which the quality of relationships is given the highest priority. Our pupils, parents and staff work together for the benefit of each other and the wider community.
  • We help our pupils develop into happy, confident, caring, resilient young men and women.
  • Our high quality ‘Learning@Woodbridge’ enables all pupils to enjoy their studies and become independent, confident learners able to exceed their academic potential.
  • Every Woodbridgian is known and valued. We provide individual, personal guidance and support to help our pupils thrive, negotiate risk and make good life choices.
  • We provide an exceptional, wide range of extra-curricular activities so help pupils find and develop their talents. We want pupils to love school, be in their element, and know their self-worth.
  • We aim for all pupils to develop the essential skills, attributes and mind-set that will enable them to pursue their aspirations and ambitions beyond Woodbridge.