COVID-19 Emergency Bursary Fund

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the immediate impact on the economy, we here at Woodbridge School have acted swiftly to support our students and their families. We have put Remote Learning at Woodbridge in place and offered as much fee remission as we can.

However, even with the fee remission offered, we have many students whose parents literally overnight found themselves simply unable to continue to afford a Woodbridge School education. We know that the coming few months will be extremely tough for a number of our parents. We have therefore decided to set up an Emergency Bursary Fund, the sole purpose of which will be to support any parent who satisfies criteria for additional assistance.

A message from the Head:

In my letter to School parents last week I mentioned news of an emergency bursary fund to support those families in our school community who, through no fault of their own, are facing severe financial difficulties as a result of the current crisis.

This emergency fund will give grants to families to ensure that their children receive and benefit from all that Woodbridge School offers. A group of Trustees will evaluate all applications in order to determine who is able to receive a grant. It will be separate from the usual academic bursary process and be based primarily on short term financial need for those who need our utmost help.

The target for the fund is £100 000. I am delighted to say that already, thanks to personal donations from Governors and salary sacrifices from senior members of staff, we already have commitments of £42 000. In the event we raise funds that are not needed to relieve short term need, we will transfer them into an ongoing bursary appeal to support our longer term aim of widening access to our School. The Seckford Foundation will also be supporting our Emergency Bursary Fund.
Shona Norman

How much should you give?

We recognise that different families and Old Woodbridgians will be able to contribute different amounts: please just be as generous as you can.

How will your gift be recognised?

If we achieve our goal, we plan to plant a magnolia tree in a prominent location in the school grounds, with the tree acting as an enduring and poignant reminder of who stepped forward and how we overcame this challenge together. We shall publicly recognise your gift, however, if you would like to donate to our Fund but would prefer for your gift not to be recognised publically then do let us know.

How you can make a gift:

You can make a gift in a number of ways:

  • Simply send us a cheque made payable to Seckford Foundation with an accompanying note that this is for the Emergency Bursary Fund.  
  • Current parents can use WisePay – click on the School Shop button to see the suggested donation there.

We have set up a Just Giving link to help make this as easy as possible.